Rhum raisin tunic fenouil 33 pumkin cotton

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Rhum raisin tunic fenouil 33 pumkin cotton

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Rhum raisin cotton tunic.

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Product Description

Rhum raisin tunic in flower pumkin cotton.

This long-sleeved ruffled tunic has little pleats at the front and V neckline. English embroidery and scalloped finishes at the bottom of the tunic. A lace is sewn at the ruffle top.

Rhum raisin tunic pumkin cotton is worn with Rhum raisin petticoat rust tulle.

Rhum raisin clothes are available from size 1 to size 4.

Measures :

For size 2 : armpit to armpit width = 52cm, shoulder to bottom length = 75cm, biceps = 2x 18cm

For size 4 : armpit to armpit width = 61cm, shoulder to bottom length = 81cm, biceps = 2x 19cm